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First to 15 points in each game.  Winner of the ralley wins the point

Must win by 2 clear points (ie 15-15 requires a win of 17-15 or 18-16 etc)

First to 3 games.

The score is the score in games, plus a point for playing, and the winner gains an extra point. (ie winning 3 games to 1, both would get a point for playing making it 4-2, and the winner gets an extra point, so the points on the score sheet would be 5-2.

If  Player A is unable to play, Player B would assume a score of 3-0, Player B would get a point for effectively playing and a point for winning.  Player A would receive no points, so a score of 5-0 to Player A would be marked on the scoresheet.

Person marked as ā€œcā€ requires to make the challenge.

At the end of the month, the league winner will move up and the looser will move down.  The rest will remain.  The person who is top of League 2 will play the person who is bottom of league 1 in a play off, to decide on the following months positions.


GAMES TO BE PLAYED BY 19th September 19