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Welcome to Stirling
Lawn Tennis and
Squash Club

Since 1878, Stirling Lawn Tennis and Squash Club has been the place to play racket sports in the historic City of Stirling. The Club welcomes new members and visitors of all ages wishing to play tennis, squash and racketball. It also organises social events for its members and guests.

Old Racquets
If anyone has any old racquets lying about (squash or tennis) can you please drop them off at the Club? This applies to racquets with broken strings too as we may be able to recondition them. We are particularly interested in junior racquets (primary or secondary school age) as we are trying to encourage more children to take part in racquet sports in conjunction with Active Stirling.


Club Championships - Tennis
Can members look to arrange and complete matches as soon as possible.
August American Tournament
Fancy a few games of fun and social tennis?

Come and join in the club's next American tournament on SUNDAY 14TH AUGUST. Play will begin at 2.00 PM and there will be a coffee and cake break during the afternoon.

An American Tournament is a fun handicap doubles tournament designed for a wide range of abilities. It is played over 2 and a half hours and each player receives a handicap according to their level of play. You will have multiple partners through the day, so it's a good chance to meet new members and socialise.  For more information, click here.

Come along at 1.45pm on Sunday 14th on the day to register.