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Welcome to Stirling
Lawn Tennis and
Squash Club

Since 1878, Stirling Lawn Tennis and Squash Club has been the place to play racket sports in the historic City of Stirling. The Club welcomes new members and visitors of all ages wishing to play tennis, squash and racketball. It also organises social events for its members and guests.

Tennis Club Championship Finals Day Photographs
Finalists from 2017








Club Championship Results - Tennis 2017
The dreadful weather conditions failed to dampen the enthusiasm of all those who helped make Finals Day a successful occasion. Thanks to all who took part and helped on the day with the officiating, catering and organisation. Results below.

Under 12's

Winner- Hector Fisher-Wingate
Runner up - Ben Learmonth

Under 14's
Winner - Hector Fisher-Wingate   
Runner up - Joshua Joyce   

Men's Singles Plate
Winner – Rhys Houston          
Runner up – Ross Downie

Men's Singles Championship
Winner – George Machray      
Runner up – Ally McMurray

Men's Doubles
Winners – Ally McMurray and James Caldwell
Runners up – Chris Spiers and David Bryan

Mixed Doubles
Winners – Hannah Pickford and Bill Hanson
Runners up – Gill Nunn and Ian Carmichael

Ladies' Singles
Winner - Lorna Graham
Runner up - Wendy Hamlet

Ladies Doubles
Still in progress